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Customer Centric

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

"Being customer-centric meaning looking at an enterprise from the outside-in rather than the inside-out - that is, through the lens of the customer rather than the producer. It's about understanding what problems costumers face in their lives and then providing mutually advantages solutions." - Ranjay Gulati.

At Wings, our customer centric service means to recognise that all people with an Intellectual Disability is capable of learning and have the ability to live a fulfilling, happy life. Some individuals require support in only a few specific areas, while others needs support in almost every area of life.

At Wings we are proud to offer programs that are specifically designed for young adults with Intellectual Disability. See more at:

We want to provide the young adults with an Intellectual Disability tools and skills to equip them to overcome any additionally challenges they may face and successfully navigate their way to a fulfilling life.

As the market for disability services mature, Wings community wants to evolve and become customer centric to create real choice and control for people with Intellectual Disability.

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