Interview with an anonymous forecaster #3

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Another new interview with a forecaster, enjoy it.

1. How do you review a project?

The first thing I do is to look at their website and social networks (if they have many users I try to find out if there was an airdrop or they are possibly bots).
Then I look at the whitepaper, the partners and the Linkedin of the developers.

2. Did you have prior economic evaluation knowledge?

No, I’m learning as I go.

3. What was your biggest reward?

I started not long ago, I haven’t got any rewards yet. I hope to gain FR and obtain great rewards in the future.

4. Which of the projects that appeared on the platform did you find the most interesting? Why?

Of those that have already happened, the one that I like the most is Wepower. I am very interested in the management of electricity in the future and I think it is a good project with a very good collection.

5. Did you invest in any of the projects that were on the platform?

No, maybe in the future when the market is recovered.

6. What do you think of the future of the platform?

I think the future is good, now the market is dead but I think all these are cycles, the important thing is to have the platform ready for the next upward cycle.

7. What would you change from the platform?

Maybe the projects that offer a reward should be highlighted in some way, appear above and with some type of color around to give them more visibility.

8. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Nothing really, just luck to everyone!

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