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1- When and how did you have this idea?

The idea of creating a cryptocurrency trading platform was born in our company in late 2016. The actively developing blockchain technology and a dynamic cryptocurrency market could not but turn our attention to this field.

The members of our team are experts in trading on the financial and cryptocurrency
markets, who have many years of experience in working with global brokers. Understanding the market from a customer’s point, as well as experience gained from the inside in asset management financial institutions and banks, urged us to come to the field of blockchain.

2- What problem are you trying to solve?

At the time of 2016, the main problems of the cryptocurrency market were: limited number of trusted platforms offering the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The lack of service and many other issues – prompted us to start developing our own platform.

3- Why do you use the Blockchain?

Our team created the IGT-CRYPTO exchange in order to develop the best service for trading cryptocurrencies. At present, it supports 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin,  Ethereum. In total, 14 pairs are already available for trade, including 4 cryptocurrencies and two fiat currencies (USD and EUR).

To ensure an adequate level of liquidity, the modules – «liquidity aggregators» were developed on the IGT platform, which allow to maintain and provide the proper volume of trading instruments presented on the Platform. We have created a hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage that involves processing of the data on several levels to ensure maximum speed and security.

4- What is the relation between ICO token and your project?

Becoming the owner of IGT Token, you also become a member of the IGT Community, which gives you the right to enjoy a number of privileges: participation in decision making concerning aspects of further development of the platform through open voting, participation in loyalty programs, free access to increasing the level of the payment card; also participants will receive various bonuses from our company and will be quarterly remunerated with money rewards = 25% income from IGT-CRYPTO

5- What are the skills and experiences of your team?

We have been successful in working with the world’s largest brokers. Based on their own experience and empirically obtained knowledge, our specialists have created working trade strategies for the effective management of financial assets and securities in a dynamic market.

We employ competent staff with many years of experience in this field. Our specialists will be able to provide comprehensive information related to working on our platform. Will help resolve any issues related to registration and authorization, the rules of work on IGT-CRYPTO, commission policy, obtaining information on accounts and charges, working with a multi-currency wallet and servicing a payment card.

We have assembled a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of blockchain and software development, leading experts on the classical financial as well as cryptocurrency markets, competent people who have worked in asset management companies and banks who will guide us in our work and help us to maximize our growth as an international company.

6- Is it fully decentralized?

In matters of decentralization and centralization, we use a modern technological combined system. For example, the storage of personal user data is feasible within a centralized system and there is no sense in uploading all the data to the blockchain, thereby creating an unnecessary load on the network at the cost of reducing the processing speed. It will be enough to enter the results of transactions in the form of hash codes into the blockchain.

7- Are you already in contact with any exchange platform?

The listing of IGT token on the largest trading platforms – the end of 2018. Now we are at the negotiation stage. Including several large exchange platform.

8- What do you think about Wings platform?

Wings еhis is a really strong community. Which gives a great feedback. Real token holders give us an objective opinion about the project and help us to become better.

9- Is there anything else you would like to share?

With IGT-CRYPTO you have the opportunity to earn a lifetime passive income through quarterly revenues from the Community support fund formed by 25 % of the income of the IGT Company.

All accruals to the fund will be recorded in the blockchain, which will provide transparency of information about the state of the fund, guarantee timely, ensure equality in the distribution of profits.

Every transaction on the IGT-CRYPTO platform brings you dividends which are proportionate to the number of IGT Coins you have in your possession. Payments will be made quarterly in the IGT Ecosystem.


Thank You Wings!




Thanks to Alenxander and the entire IGT-CRYPTO team for responding to this interview!!



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