Interview with an anonymous forecaster

This week we present the first interview to an anonymous member of the community who answers our questions, we will try to have a new interview every week.


1. How do you review a project?

First I watch the video, then read the whitepaper, the join their telegram channel, see how many users they have and do a quick scroll to see if the users seem legit or not, if I see tons of new users joined in a short period of time I ask questions about what promotions they did to get so many telegram followers in such a short time period.

I spend some time looking into whether the team is legit or not, although I admit, in wings prebeta, I mostly assumed they were somewhat prevetted.

Lastly, I look into whether there are similar projects already being built, how much they are currently valued at, and how much of a head start they have, and ask myself how much more room there is for another similar project to succeed.

I also look into how much has been collected in private funding and presales if any, and if possible will verify they the blockchain.

2. Did you have prior economic evaluation knowledge?


3. What was your biggest reward?

Biggest reward to date was worth $80,000 U.S.D. at the time it was claimed, last reward claimed was worth $32,000 U.S.D when claimed.

4. Which of the projects that appeared on the platform did you find the most interesting? Why?

Most interesting to me were Bancor, Flixxo, Indorse, and AuroraDao.

5. Did you invest in any of the projects that were on the platform?

Yes, invested in 3 of them.

6. What do you think of the future of the platform?

Still a big believer in the future of WingsDao.

7. What would you change from the platform?

No ideas.

8. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yes, I would like to add more projects 😂
Wish either I had more time to reach out to bringing projects to Wings, or that we would have a few members from the community who are good at being a salesman, and would take advantage of the 5,000 wing bounty available to those who brings projects to the platform.



Thank you very much anonymous forecaster!



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