WINGS Community Cares Program – New Bounty Reward

Earn 1 egg when you fill this out in a forecast comment field:

Inv: V/5; Hyp: X/5; Rsk:Y/5; Com: Z Eth

Inv = Opportunity/Investment quality, Hyp = Hype rating, Rsk = Riskiness of opportunity/investment, Com = how much u plan to invest/donate/fund

where V, X and Y are any number from 0–5, and Z is how much Eth you want to commit to put into the ICO will qualify for 1 egg (your address will need to match on the bounty account);

How to Earn 10 Eggs

people who do the above and actually write a short intelligent or thoughtful comment will qualify to get 10 eggs (“Proof of Caring — Advanced” 10 eggs while they last… after that it will be 5)

collect your reward at just post a URL screen shot of your comment (use )

You can generate your comment with our tool:

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