WINGS Community Cares Program – 250,000 WINGS allocation for 2018

WINGS Foundation has set aside 250,000 WINGS for this program; this set of WINGS will be hatched from the total unbroken Eggs which are allocated by the following rules outlined here (eggs are broken if you get banned; see blow). Note that we reserve the right to change the program should we detect anyone attempting to game the system.


This program is only open to members of the WINGS community. The Ethereum address which you use in the rewards portal must meet this criteria:

  1. The address has made at least 10 forecasts before the reward period ends on November 31, 2018.

Proof of Caring

You must submit a URL to your evidence of your proof of caring. It should be obvious that it belongs to you. For example, it has your account email or ETH address. Some examples may be a tweet that gets a lot of retweets, a youtube of you showing your forecasts and the rewards you have won, or you creating a web app that shows WINGS data in a novel way.

  1. 10 Eggs for submitting something which shows significant effort or positive impact (limit of 1000 of these).
  2. 5 Eggs for that same as #1 but over 1000.
  3. 1 Egg for something of minimal effort or impact.
  4. 0 Eggs for anything that appears spammy or scammy.
  5. Bans resulting in breaking of all your eggs: Anyone attempts to misrepresent effort, fraud, spamming the system, and other behaviour deemed detrimental to this effort.

Points allocations will be determined by foundation staff and trusted community members who are invited to participate as judges.

The program will end on November 31, 2018. Your Eggs will hatch around January 2019.

To get started head to and submit your proof of caring.


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